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Stan Darsh
07-29-2009, 03:02 PM
so some of you know that i play online poker, some don't

I'm wondering if any other members do?

if so, you've probably had your fair share of "bad beats"

for those of you who do not play poker, it's when you bet a large number or go all-in with a very strong hand, and the opponent calls with a very weak hand, and your opponent wins in the end.

My worst one happened about a week ago.

I was playing a double-or-nothing table, with 10 players so the top 5 made double the buy-in price. There were about 8 people left, and the blinds were getting high (150/300 ante 15). no one had more than 3k chips, so every hand counted. So i'm right after the big blind on one hand, so i'm first to bet. I draw an AK suited (diamonds i think) and raise all in right away. 1) because i had a strong hand and 2) because the player before me, the big blind, had less chips so it would be easier to eliminate him. As i thought, everyone folded including the Big Blind.... but he was not done there. Next hand, i was the big blind so i would bet last. Knowing that the player before me would go all-in just to gain his chips back from me, everyone folds. The dude raises all in like i thought. Now, i had Pocket Kings, so i called right away. Just like i thought, he was bluffing. He had a 6 4 Off SUIT!!!! WTF?! So i'm like okay this is gonna be easy....

but i was wrong

dead wrong

guess what the flop was?


thank god chat was disabled for that tournament or i woulda been screaming at him.....

so now I had 1000 chips left and he had MY OLD 2k +...

but in the end, we still won.... i won a few all-in hands so i still won the tournament.

but i will never forget that dude, holy shit...

So anyone else play? even if it's in real life, it happens too

On the world series of poker, i've seen 2 guys go all-in; 1 with A's and 1 with KJ hearts suited.... So The flop is A A hearts Q of hearts, and then the river is the 10 of hearts....

Royal flush beating out a 4 of a kind.... what an epic hand.

so it happens to the best of us.

07-29-2009, 03:54 PM
A lot of times when i get low in chips and i get connectors, I tend to play them as well.

07-29-2009, 04:06 PM
I used to watch it all the time on TV when it was going through its super popular stage, never really played for real though. I`ve seen way too many last table all in bets and the stronger hand taking it.

Stan Darsh
07-29-2009, 08:04 PM
well yea the stronger hand IS supposed to take it

but i had the stronger hand D= the damn dude just bluffed all in cause i took his money the round before.


it's a lot of fun though i think, and i wanna see if there are any freerolls or tournaments around where i live, for 18+ and not 21. might be hard though