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Turkey Face
06-29-2012, 12:23 PM
I've been playing on this server for about a month now and have noticed that this server has a lot more "hackers" then some of the others i play on and up until a week ago i didn't know why until i saw a post on the forums by some idiot trying to report a hacker but he took a screen shot of his screen with custom texture models or "clear walls".

Im just wondering why the server isn't using sv_pure to get rid of this? This game is getting really old and with that the vast amount of hacks that were easly downloaded in the past are not easy to come buy anymore unless you pay a big chunck of money for them and if u do pay that much your not gonna be wasting the time on a pub. So the majority of cheaters now a days in pubs rely on texture modification.

The reg in the server is also so bad probably party due to this also because it takes so much more cpu/bandwidth to play with the multi visible layers of map than with just the normal textures. so if u have 10-12 out of 30 players using them their bogging down the server.

So it would be basically killing two birds with one stone, get rid of a lot, not all of the cheaters and help with the incredibly bad Reg the server has. Who knows, might even be able to one deag someone once in a while.

clean team
06-29-2012, 05:50 PM
Thank you for coming to our forums and making a post about this. I agree that using sv_pure 2 would definitely decrease the amount of hackers in the server, however it has nothing to do with the reg in the server. Texture and model modification are 100% client side, and has no bearing on the function of the server.