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  • About The Rushing Party

    On October 26th 2018, The Rushing Party celebrates its 12th year anniversary. It goes without saying that trP has gotten to this point with the help, dedication, and sweat of many present and past members of our community. The Rushing Party was given its name by Yoda in the fall of 2006 for the rabid style of play that he, DrunkMuppet, Jack Bauer, Ninja, and Haze made a habit of terrorizing gamers on the Pantless Servers. After, a few days of negotiations trP merged with what was Yihya, Nasrallah, Kimble, Sykes, and Vincent's Community; {CVS} to form what was perhaps the ugliest tag in CS:Source History. Example: [trP] Yoda {CVS}. After being constantly questioned on why we advertised for a drug store chain, we wised up and rid ourselves of the {CVS} tag.

    Soon thereafter, trP took off and went from 10 strong in early November to 20 in early December. At that point in time we purchased our first server; a meager 12 slot scrim server which we quickly realized was too small for our Membership. Aside from the fact that half our members were being kicked for reserved slots as others joined; we recognized that trP required a better and bigger solution. As the Membership grew and donations came in we were able to negotiate with our current host Colocrossing to solidfy our long term goals in the Gaming industry. Membership surpassed 120 Members in the fall of 2009 and trP was well on its way to success. Though difficult to calculate, a fair estimation of the number of individuals who are presently and previously were trP has easily reached 700. These 7+ years have taught us to appreciate those members who have contributed both financially and intellectually to the success of this great organization; we thank you all!

    It has been an interesting six years and though we have had great times we all know that there is work to be done. The establishment of Community Elections and Community Officer position(s) speaks volume for the quality and democratic nature that we base this Community on. trP is a community rich with diversity and provides newcomers an international tone to gaming. With Members from over 15 different countries, cultures and religions; trP provides a great opportunity for gamers to meet others from different walks of life. Though we make it a priority to avoid the plight of politics and national ethnocentrism, we also recognize the one underlying fact of our Membership; we come into this community with a human respect and appreciation for our fellow members and friends. This is why we support our Members in most every cause they embark upon.

    Before you fall asleep on us, we would like to extend a warm greeting to the many close communities (Pantless) we have become allied with. We certainly are a no nonsense group of gamers, but we have a heavy conscious and care dearly for our fellow communities; especially those who have helped us along our way. Finally, to ALL trP Members (past and present); thank you for your time spent with us, for your financial and social contributions. For those Members who have left us, we say you are always welcome back. And to those who have stuck with us through thick and thin we say keep rushing short A jump off the bridge and get cheap spawn kills!