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  • Saturday, November 30th - 8:30pm EST.

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  • Sunday, December 1st - 8:30pm EST.

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    ** The Rushing Party vs The Pantless **

    Oh, yeah.. one more time for bragging rights..

    Teams will be comprised as follows:

    ** 10 vs 10 **

    * 2 Awpers
    * 3 AK-47s/M4A1s
    * 3 SMGs
    * 2 Shotguns

    ** 15 vs 15 **

    * 3 Awpers
    * 5 AK-47s/M4A1s
    * 4 SMGs
    * 3 Shotguns

    * Default pistols for both, Ts (Glock 18) and CTs (USP tactical). *

    * Players will disable "Automatically switch weapons" to avoid picking up dropped weapons not assigned. *

    Map: Dust 2 Unlimited

    Time and Date:

    Saturday, November 30 th - 8:30 p.m., EST. or.. Sunday, December 1st - 8:30 p.m., EST.

    * Cast your vote on poll for the date and time that works for you. *

    Ideally, hoping to fill the team rosters for a 15 v 15 ... since dust2_unlimited has three bomb sites and this would allow three (3) teams of five (5) for each site (defending, and for example).

    * Signup to this thread to follow once we have a date and time.

    * As well as, any updated and relevant information.

    (Note: Going to need an assist on the editing of the title of this thread, as well as.. a poll or something to vote for the dates. If whomever is going to run with this on trP's side could PM me on forums here, that would be greatly appreciated.)
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    Sounds like rule with awpers has always been they can only use it if they can fit the barrel up their butt

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    My rule with awpers has always been they can use it if they can fit the barrel up their butt.

    ... ...


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    This is where our current poll on the time and date is sitting:

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    I'll play.. just nudge me to remind me when Im on!

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    Old timers.. cant remeber shit

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    Im good any night after 8...

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    Hey hey Misfit,

    Appreciate you taking the time to respond to this thread here.

    Feel free to add me on Steam (time and opportunity permitting).

    /\ This way we can find one another.. and.. I can remind you to take your liver pills.

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    Seems as though this won't come to fruition at this point in time.


    I am considering running a 3 vs 3 CSS tournament in place of and hopefully before the year's end.


    Will update here for those of you that might want to field a 3 person team and come shoot some face.

    Stay tuned..

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    Why did people stop running those 3v3 CSS tournaments? I thought they were a blast back in the day. I'd join in a heartbeat if something like that was revived.



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