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    Hi everyone, this is Authentic

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone, everyone who remembers me. I used to be in Trp, I joined in 09 if my memory is good. I came across Devious (I was playing pubs with him for the last month) and he invited me to join so I didn't refuse. Glad to be part of the community again!

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    What up!!!!! I been gone for a while myself. My rig died, but really busy with work.. So all I do now is troll the forums.

    Will be back one day..... lol

    Glad to see you back again... Like all trP Members, they always come back....

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    Authentic! Welcome back man.

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    Welcome back! I've started playing again too as some of you may have seen over the past few days I miss you all!!!!!
    ▀ub«bΔN Ö



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