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    Just checkIn in on trP

    Whats up guys just stoping by to say hey and that I'm glad to see rep is stil up and running... Congrats yiyha.... Is my boy andyperfect still around?? Or anyone frOm the good old days still here?

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    Sorry ment trp not rep stupid auto correct

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    hey Ninja

    Andy is still around, but none of us are as active as we once were. How are you what are you up to these days?

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    im good bro. im still living out here in houston. i have been doing alot of traveling in the past couple years. we built a beach house on a off the grid island in western caribbean off of the coast of honduras. in the past 2 years i probably have spent a little over a year down there making about 4 trips each one lasting anywhere from 1 month to 6 months. the house in located only 90 feet from the sea and the coral reef is literally 10 feet from the beach. we have all kinds of fruit trees on our property like bananas, orange, mango, grapefruit, lime, popaya, watermelon and soursop. we also are growing sweet potatoes and irish potatoes there. the fishing is also amazing we catch tons of snapper, grouper, jack, barracude, mackrel, tuna, wahoo and even once was hooked on to a marlin but could not get it to the boat before it snapped the the line. the water there is crystal clear and on a good day the visibility is over 120 feet. there is about 800 locals who live on the island all are black and speak both english and spainish. the island is very poor. most of the men fish for a living some do have small shops run from thier house that sell the nesessary goods like eggs, rice and flour there there are a few trades men one the island like carpenters and mechanics. and all the women stay home to raise the kids and cook. the island being so remote has no running water or electricty. so we collect rain water in a cisturn and will use a genarator for power. even tho the people there are very poor and do not have many possesions i have never seen a group of more happy people in my life. everyone there is always smiling. my first trip down there a few years back was very touching and changed the way i look at the world and taught me not to take anything forgranted. i feel truly blessed to have experinced this beautiful island and its people. my dream is to save up some money and invest in a charter boat with my brother to take tourist on tours, fishing and scuba diving. it has the 2nd largest coral reef system in the world behind australias great barrier reef. also i am some what of a celeberty on the island it has about 800 residents and all of them either know me personaly or know of me. i have even had some men offer me thier daughters hand in marrage which was very flattering but also awkward. the island also has a very rich history it was onced used as a base for the pirates. its most famous pirate to set up camp there was henery morgan. people have even found a couple barried chest of gold and silver coins there. it also has the remains of the indian society that lived there pre columabus time. if you go in the jungle in the right spots and dig a few feet down you can find clay pots, cups, bowls and things like that, also there are jade carvings of faces, animals and jade beads and jade axes from the indian times there. i personaly have found glass pirate bottles, tobacco pips, and old bricks from the pirate base. and for indian artifacts i have found lots of the clay pots and things, a few jade beads and 1 jade carving of a donkey head and 2 jade carvings of human heads and a jade ax. im still waiting to find some gold or a chest of coins tho. one of the tings l love about bienig down there is the food all of the fish, lobster and conch you could want, with beans and rice and fried plantains there is nothing better! while is was down there a few of my local friends took me freediving and spearfishing and after my 1st trip i was hooked on it like a drug addict. i would spend all day in the water from 8am to about 4pm only stoping an a small key to cook up some of our catch for lunch before going back in the water. i have shot hundrads of pounds of fish, my biggest was a 150 pound grouper and a 22 pound yellow jack that was just a few pounds from the world record for spearfishing. also a shot a 6 foot baracuda. i was getting really good at free diving before i came back to the states being able to hold my breath for over 2 and a half minutes and diving down to a depth of over 80 feet on just one breath. we also would catch lots of big lobster and everynow and than would find a king crab. i am planning on going back down sometime in april of next year. when i came back from my last trip in december i got my self a new job working for ServiceMaster as a crew chief in there water damage disaster relief division. i am making more money now tha i ever have but my work hours are crazy. im on call 24/7 and usually work anywhere form 55-75 hours a week. i got full benifits and good perks like company phone, camera, laptop and a bonus program so i cant really complian to much. i consider myself very lucky to have what i have now. and to be making the money i am i never take forgranted because a day of hard physical labor on the island for the locals only pays $20 a day. but i do help acouple of my good friends down there by sending them money to help thier families and i will bring them things the want but cant afford like hats, nice shoes like shocks, and i even have bought my 2 really good friends down thier iphones, ipods and portable speakers which they absoluty loved. but over all i thank god for every thing i have to day and truely feel blessed to be where i am today. so yea i have been good but only complaint i have is i dont have time to school u guys on dust2 anymore.. haha how about u bashir how is life treating u bro
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    just read my post. and im sorry for all the typos and misspellings. i had typed all that out once and the web site had froze on me so i had to type it all out again so i was kinda tired an in a rush to type it all again so i didnt proof read it. lol so my bad on all the errors but you can understand what i meant.
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    Shoot me an email with your contact info so we can catch up.

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