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    1. I am very aware a T scouter can get into tunnels before a CT can get behind boxes. I get most of my hs's that way. I can also get to B site rather quickly with my scout as a CT. When I go B with my scout I usually get there first before any T. In this scenario, I stopped my team from moving forward into b tunnels because... guess who.. called the ct in lower. Thankfully, the rest of the guys didnt rush because the CTs in B were already in tunnels as well. I've seen CTs with P90's that go through lower that can clear upper tunnels without taking a hit, with or without a T calling lower. You can however, prevent your team from rushing into possible death. Again, we were close to regaining upper tunnels before we were slayed. CAMPING is different from trying to fight back and regain a major part of the map. I know campers, we were not camping.

    2. Again, I can get to upper rather quickly with my scout. I dont rush B tunnels if some one calls lower, I want to LIVE. This "fact" sounds too similar to the previous, so I'll move on.

    3. I guess I can agree with this a little bit. When I play CT, I always tell my team to beat them to long. I've rushed long with a scout or m4 before and hardly ever get beat. Plus, that first T will eat my flash before getting through. I don't understand what this has to do with my scenario but I just wanted to give my opinion.

    4. This is true lol, I do this all the time if I dont spawn close to B tunnels. I don't see it as an advantage. I don't see how you can call it an advantage. CTs can shoot through mid as well. Yeah, they have to get across but smoke can easily stop T snipers from accurately shooting you.

    I see no advantage for either team on Dust 2. I believe the reason why people play Dust2 so much is because its the most even map out there for T's and CT's. I dont know where you got that I thought CTs were speed hackers lol. I ask you to read my scenario wes, because I don't think you did. Your facts are not facts, but your own opinions, which I do respect. You kept bringing up "camping". My team was not camping. If me and my team mates were camping, I would not have made this thread.

    Again, this whole thread was made so we could all express our own opinions and try to learn from one another. Also, it was made so that the admins can talk about when it is right or wrong to slay T's. To further assess the T situation to either fight on or slay. There is a T point of view. In my opinion, T's have to do a hell of a lot more work than a CT.

    Good night,

    -c the stampede

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    you can't TRY to REGAIN tunnels from Tspawn for more than 45 seconds ( its called CAMPING!!! since you are CAMPING for half the round !!!))... remember that rounds are 2 mins ...

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    Tonight or some time today, I'll turn on fraps and show you the difference between some one who is camping and some one who is using "t spawn" strategically. I've seen too many campers not get slayed for hanging around t spawn for no strategic reason besides waiting for CT's to come around corners. There is a difference, and I'm sorry you can't comprehend that, camarada.

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    figthing to get control of TUNNELS FROM TSPANW?? i have to see that ... you can fight to get control of Tunnels from out side the tunnels .. in which ... ( is not tspawn anymore if you see the minimap) but then standing there with a scout or an AK47 on tspawn by long doors ?? i'm sorry but you will get slap and slay ... there is nothing to fight in there is LOST .. only 2 options is .. camp outside tspwn and wait to die .. or RUSH and get something ...

    As long you are not in one spot shooting from TSPAWn is not camping once you stop moving and wait for them it is.

    I hope you understand this because if not you will get slay not only by me .. but for most of the admins in this community.

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    lol, you have to be kidding me. you've never seen a group of 5 or more T's trying to regain tunnels before from outside tuns? thats amazing. And trust me, it is possible to regain tunnels again, because I've done it numerous times without my team and I being slayed. So you're telling me that all of us should try to regain tunnels by standing right outside the tunnel itself? BAD IDEA, if you stand directly outside or beside that tunnel, you are prone to get naded'. The point is to actually live and with as much health as possible.

    "but then standing there with a scout or an AK47 on tspawn by long doors ?? i'm sorry but you will get slap and slay ... there is nothing to fight in there is LOST." I'm sorry I did not understand this statement. None of us were in long doors? Like I mentioned in the scenario there were at least 6 of us trying to regain and take control of tunnels. So either we were right outside of tunnels, or on platform trying to snipe in (where i was). I don't know where you get "lost" from. We almost killed all the CT's that were already in B tunnels. We were 10 to 15 seconds away from taking tunnels before we were slayed.

    I know your server rules fairly well. Again, I wouldn't have made this thread if I didn't think we were wrongfully slayed. But in my scenario, you have to think ahead past what is in b tunnels. 1-2 CTs already rushed lower, 3 more from B. You take out 2-3 CT's and now there are only 1-3 or so in tunnels left. If you regain those tunnels, B site will most likely be wide open for the taking. I know because when my CTs take tunnels, most of my guys in B rush in there and leave B for me to protect alone, just in case.

    Camarada, to be honest with you, most of the admins would have not slayed me. This was probably the first time in this situation where I was slayed, EVER on your server. The hundreds of other times, admins have let play go on. Its a 50/50 shot at regaining those tunnels, but if you do, the reward is most likely a wide open B site. Please reread my scenario before you post again, because I'm having a difficult time following your logic.

    Thanks again,

    -c the stampede

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    srry i was on the rush typing .. yes on the platform you will get slay for SNIPING! at leaast i will slay you .. and trust me .. MOST OF the admins if its not EVERYBODY will cuz you are just sitting there waiting for them to take a peak.

    Only way to regain control of tuns is throwing flash inside and rushing in. In my case ... I play always as T and i do not like people sniping on tspawn either snipping double doors from tspawn or sniping tunnels from tspawn .. thats a violation of the rules ' ... " OUT OF TSPAWN BY 2" .. our rules does not says you can camp and wait for them to come out. If you see me playing on our server you will notice that even when i use the scout i'm out of spawn by 2 or at least moving out from tspawn by 2.

    you know that being an admin is like babysitting... at some point you get tired and don't care if they camp in the end. its really time consuming to after you die or while alive go to tspawn and look thru your admin menu. therefore are not so many slay. HOWEVER there are admins that take their time and do that and when this happens people like you complaint and says i'm trying to regain control which is no excuse to me.

    if you try to regain control DO SOMETHING and RUSH IN .. don't wait for them to come out and kill them and then say .. I"M REGAINING CONTROL OF IT because is not.

    With this said this will be my last post regarding this topic. We admins, officers, and leaders never got an issue with slaying people. rules are clear, out of spawn by 2, if you are not out you will get slap so you realized that you are IN T SPAWN. and if you decide not to move then slay will be given.

    If you like to stand with an scout and wait for people to come out ... then join CT .. EASY and simple.


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    Thanks for your reply,

    If you knew how I snipe, you know I don't stand in one place. Because I think a stationary sniper is an easy target. I'm always moving around unless a specific point has to be watched. Do you know why hunters and snipers move up to a higher position than what their target is? VANTAGE POINT! So yes, my instinct is to get on top of that platform and kill any CT that gets in my cross hair. At the same time, I can command my group to either rush or fall back from what I see. Because I have the vantage point and the best sense of how many CTs are still in tunnels. Unfortunately, we were slayed before having the chance to rush in, SAFELY. We were not waiting for them to come out, because no sane CT would rush out of tunnels with a group of T's waiting for them, so you're wrong there.

    I respect you guys are a rushing clan. Those admins and players who know me, know that I'm not scared to rush with a scout and deagle. Shit, I call rushes if no one else does. But, you do not rush blindly into a group of 5-6 CTs in tunnels, that is STUPID. You take some out, get a figure of how many are left, and you plan a rush that hopefully gets your team in without any casualties.

    Being an admin is not like babysitting. Its about being an ADMIN and to promote fair play. I have a 6 month old, and it is not the same thing, trust me buddy. You have to make those crucial decisions whether to slay or let play go. In this case, in my honest opinion, the admin should have let play go on. There are campers on your server right now who actually CAMP T spawn and wait for a CT to come around corners and kill them. They do not get slayed. That pisses me off. As far as I can remember, I've never been slayed on your server for trying to regain tunnels. I honestly think that was my first time being slayed, and that is why I am making such a big deal about this. I don't know if the admin was having a bad day or what, but they should not take it out on people who are actually trying to play a game.

    Again, I honestly dont think your admins would have slayed us. I rarely see you on the server, so I really can't talk about how you handle things. But the admins I see on a regular basis would not have slayed 5 T's for trying to regain tunnels. Especially early in the round. Now if we were in spawn 1:00, shooting into tunnels waiting for CTs to cross, that is worthy of a slay.

    I would of loved to put this topic into the strategy forum. Its obvious that we have to completely different outlooks on my scenario. I respect your opinions, and that is what this topic is about. But, from how you said you would have handled my scenario, you would have probably gotten your team killed. There is a reason I use the scout so much. Its because I have a mic and I know how to use it, I can call rushes, I can see what others can't, I have a better vantage point than most players, and I am pretty dam good at it lol. T's with 16 players on it need people who can organize a group and that can be active with the mic so every body is on the same page.

    I appreciate your replies camarada, and I hope this isnt your last reply because it is very interesting to read your opinions. I don't want this to become some battle of words type thing, but more of a sharing and learning experience that admins and players can take from. I just wish I had more players post some replies because I want to read what they think about how my scenario should've played out. Again, thanks and have a good night.

    -c the stampede



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